Tuesday, January 7, 2020

CoC Blitzkrieg Part 1

The call is out for Little Wars and the Midwest Lard toofatlardies group is looking for some games.  I can throw together some Sparp Practice 2 or my Chain of Command Canadian v. SS game, but I've been really interested in the new CoC Blitzkrieg supplement.  

I've been painting up some early war 15mm French and German platoons and supports for a game or two for Little Wars. While I'm researching potential battles I decided to start playtesting while I have some time over the holiday.

Instead of making something new I went for the Map 2 for the There are too many Rivers campaign in the 2018 Lard magazine.  I recently made some new hedges you'll see which saved some time. And my daughter Cora even lent a hand setting up.

Here are my new hedges I made from landscaping foam, a lot of which fell off my trees, glues to bases with tacky glue. I threw some leftover pieces from various buildings I've constructed to make gates. Some of the larger pictures here could allow vehicles to pass.

It's hard to see but there's a small gate made from a leftover door.

Here are the patrol markers and the deployment points for the Germans. This was a 'hasty defense scenario' from the 1940 Blitzkrieg supplement. The Germans have a Scutzen  platoon with a Nazi shabby trick, Stuka attack, sniper, hmg team and a motorcycle squad for support. The Germans need to clear 2/3 of the board and exit a unit off the edge, or break French morale to win.

Here are the french deployment points. The french have a Tirelleaur Senegalese platoon with only a motorcycle squad  and Anti aircraft artillery for support.  The french motorcycle sqades have 2 lmg's so seem potentially strong support for only 2 pts.  We'll see. The French were lucky and we're able to deploy on both sides of the board.

Here's the effects of the Stuka dtrike. Several buildings catch fire and one bomb is unexploded but may blow up later. This also limits the French deployment and causes shock to deploying French unis.

Right away Germans shutzen come on quick.

A motorcycle squad comes on to try to flank the French.

French role lots of 5's and deploy the VMB team off to protect the French right flank.

Shutzen squad takes on the VMB team and quickly wipes them out.

Shutzen team rushes the center. No french besides the VMB team have deployed due to the Stukas.

German hmg team deployed.

Senegalese squad finally deloys in the village and begins a fire fight with the nearby shutzen.

French motorcycle team finally deploys after several phases. There was a German fifth columnist holding up this point.

Now they put some hurt on their fellow motorcyclists.

3rd shutzen squad deploys in the center.

Under fire, German motorcycle squad decides to dash for the center for a quick win and clear 2/3 of the board. Only 6" away from french center deployment point 

Nope! Senegalese squad delpyes and goes into close combat. Senegalese cause 1d6 shock before combat and are aggressive. Apparently Nazis don't like to fight close up with black men.

Motorcycle squad breaks but puts some hurt as well.

French get a CoC die to end the turn but ends up causing casualties when several buildings collapse. French morale down to four and the German at 6. 

So that wraps up Turn 1 which ends up being quite a nailbiter which I post next time


  1. The table is looking great.
    I'm wanting to get my own 1940 French on the table soon.

  2. Thanks Paul. With these Stuka attacks it looks like I'll be in need of some destroyed buildings. I might try and make some. Any advice?

    1. I thought I replied last night, but, my go-to is foam-core. Have you seen the "Setting the Scene" books? There is a good ruined building guide in there.

  3. I've seen you reference them. I'll see what I can find. Thanks